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Bart Jan van den Brink, architect., Lecturer Urban Planning, Noordelijke Hogeschool, Leeuwarden, Solarenergy specialist Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)36 534 1424
Cell +31 (0)65 159 6310
email: bart.brink@planet.nl

I Graduated as Architectural Engineer at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands in 1977.
I am currently employed as a lecturer Urban Planning at the Institute of Building Engineering in Leeuwaarden, The Netherlands. In addition, I function as an independent architect.

After I completed my studies, I established an independent architectural practice. Most of my projects were contracted from the Galis Bureau of Architecture in Delft, involving Delft inner city construction.

Subsequently, I independently designed the buildings and (especially) re-constructions of Bata retail outlets.

In 1986 I was one of the seventeen architects awarded a prize for a winning design by the municipality of Almere. Architects were challenged to develop creative designs (the Fantasy competition) without regard for building regulations or durability. On the contrary, the houses had to be dismountable and transportable as the prize was the temporary ownership (five years) of a piece of land on which to build it. Traditional forms of financing via mortgage loans were not an option; we had to rely on subsidies and sponsors to realize our dreams.
Other criteria were inventiveness, form, living space and energy useage.

I completed the construction of my house (named Meerzicht = More View or Lakeview) in 1986. I still live in it to this day.
The municipality and the regional administration has come to accept that the constructions are durable, environmentally friendly and an asset to Almere.
One of the main features is my use of sustainable, solar energy for heating (including water).

Meerzicht is a glass house supported by a steel frame. The foundation consists of a platform of foam cement, rendering the house transportable.

After this achievement in 1986, I was offered employment as a lecturer of Building Technique by the Technical University of Delft. In addition, I co-ordinated post-graduate education of Urban Development and Building Technique.

In 1995 I accepted the post of lecturer Urban Planning at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden. It was here that I started developing my plans for living on water (floating houses).

In 1999 the municipality of Leeuwarden launched the Living on Water initiative, with plans for a new suburb of floating houses called Zuiderburen.

As can be seen from the design, the intent is to create houses adapted to float on water with a perpendicular, floating quay giving access to shore for parking and storage.

My prototype floating house:

The prototype meets the local building regulatory standards and includes the additional unique advantages: solar heating and solar electricity generation, water purification- and sewerage processing plant .

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Meerzicht interior

\floating houses, urban plan

Leeuwarden floating houses, urban plan

prototype floating house, Leeuwarden

prototype floating house, second floor

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